Ants and Queens

 Australian sales only for live ants

Why buy from us?:

1. We are a registered with the Australian Department of Environment as a Captive Breeder and have an Approved Wildlife Trade Operation certificate, which means our approved Ants qualify for Export although we choose not to export ourselves.

35 years experience in the Pet industry with Aquatics and Ants as our main focus.

2. All our products are guaranteed live delivery and fertile.

3. Our Ants are well cared for and the best priced in Australia.

4. We have been in the Pet Industry for over 30 years and know what we are talking about.

5. You are Guaranteed after sales service

6. Purchasing queens for a couple of dollars cheaper does not guarantee fertility or that you will get your money back or a replacement if something goes wrong.

We sell Australian Ants and Queens to most of Australia except WA and Tassie, you will need an import license to get them to WA and Tasmania. These import permits are available from you local Department of Environment.

We are the Largest retailer of Ants in Australia and have multiple capture Zones around Australia. All Ants are Guaranteed to Arrive in good health. If by any chance the postage system is unkind to our little friends, we will upon immediate notification send out a replacement colony if available or issue a store credit if not. (a photo of the damage will be required).

We express post all Ants with signature to prevent them being left in hot mail boxes or other inhospitable areas. If you are not at home when delivery is made the posties will take the package to your local mail centre.


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